Monday, March 31

The All Consuming Time Suck

Sewing and peddling on Etsy; the all consuming time suck.  My mother always says it keeps her off the streets.  I guess she is right, I'm never bored when there is fabric around.  Speaking of around, where is spring?

Sunday, March 16

The Short Stitch

I picked the name for my Etsy shop because I had to have one and the reusable paper towels were so popular on my blog I wanted a blog similar name.  That Short Girl was already in use so I chose This Short Girl.  Cute, doesn't completely roll of the tongue but it doesn't trip the speaker up either.  I never liked that it didn't have anything to do with sewing.  A few years ago I did an open air market and a friend said I was the short stitch.  I decided I liked it and wanted to keep it.  Its not really a cross road as much as a yield sign, carry on. 

Stop by The Short Stitch and check out the new banner.

Thursday, March 13

Seriously Good Orange Sticky Bread - Recipe

Seriously Good Orange Sticky Bread - Recipe

This dessert is a little bit gooey, not overly sweet and flavored with orange.  It reminds me a little of the orange cinammon rolls my mom would make when we had sleepovers.

1 tube of jumbo buttermilk biscuits, 8 count
zest of 1 orange
zest of 1 lemon
juice of 1/2 lemon
6 Tablespoons of butter (~3/4 a stick)
3/4 cup of powdered sugar

1. Cut each biscuit into fourths.

2. In a deep microwave safe bowl melt the butter and allow to cool slightly.

3. On a plate or shallow dish sprinkle the powdered sugar, zest the lemon and orange directly onto the sugar.  Mix gently with a fork to combine.

4. Dip the biscuit pieces into the melted butter and roll in the sugar zest mixture.

5. Place sugared biscuit pieces into a bunt pan, it should make a rough two layers of biscuit pieces.

6.  Once all of the sugared biscuit pieces have placed in the bunt pan sprinkle with remaining sugar, followed by 1 tablespoon of the remaining butter.

7.  Squeeze 1/2 of the lemon over the dough

7. Bake for 30 min at 350C or until the top of the bread turns a light golden brown.

Serve warm. Typically, unable to hold off our piggish tendencies, we have eaten it right out of the pan. However, if you are having company you may want to turn them out onto a plate after allowing to cool for five minutes. You probably wont have to worry about the next part; store left overs in an airtight container at room temp.

Saturday, March 8

Canvas and Leather Tote

 Leather working, a simple upgrade to my sewing obsession.  I'm starting with the no-frills approach and making purse handles.  I can get carried away so it was a struggle to keep the design straight forward.  I wanted the end to have a little shape instead of a squared off blunt cut, so I'm pleased with the curve from the strap end cutter.  Then I made an edge crease all the way around, I like the way it looked but I think a little wider would be better next time.  No dyeing, stitching or painting, just simple hand tools. 

 I made this canvas and leather tote to take to the beach this summer or whatever other adventures befall me.

Here is the body of the bag complete and the uncut leather before I started working with it.

 Its roomy, stylish and understated; the perfect summer companion.   

The inside has one hanging pocket and is lined with muslin.  I was concerned that all of the weight and wear of the rivets on the canvas might result in a tear or fray, so I added leather pieces to the inside as well.  They are functional but I like the detail they add. 

Here you can just faintly see the edge creasing, again a little wider next time.

Yes eventually they will show up in my Etsy shop once I become more comfortable with the process and the tweak the bag pattern.   In the mean time I'm interested to see what natural patina the leather will continue to take on.

Thursday, March 6

This Short Girl on Facebook

I am very excited that I started a small business page on facebook for This Short Girl.  There will be specials, sales and and listing information for the Etsy shop.  There will also be insights and information about the creative process and the TSG studio.  (When I say studio read; dinning room table disaster area.)  My personal goal is to reach 100 likes by the end of the week, it seems so small when I see pages in the thousands.  I'm currently at 85 and I would be tickled to pieces if my blog readers would help me get there.   You can either go to my Facebook page here and click like in the top corner, or go to the Etsy shop page here and click like just below the main shop banner.  Thank you!

Reusable paper towels ready to ship.

Thursday, February 27

Wooty Whoo

I am an animal lover and enjoy having woods in the back yard.  We see all kinds of creatures; eastern king snakes, blue heron, ladder back woodpecker, and what appeared to be a whole tribe of racoons having a drum circle on the deck with the fish food container.  I was excited when one night we spotted a new visitor in the back yard.  Then he came back again the next morning and my husband took this awesome picture.   I read that the barred owl can and will actually eat fish, sometimes wading in shallow water in search of a meal.  Sure enough, I'm missing one Butterfly Koi.

Tuesday, February 25

Come on Spring!

Every spring we have finches that will nest on the front porch. They always insist on building a nest  in the middle of one of the ferns smashing and pulling until the middle of the plant is dead.  Never mind that there is a clean, covered and safe from predators birdhouse hanging two feet away.  Well, we have had a warm few days here in NC and they are starting early, by pulling apart my front door wreath and stuffing it into that birdhouse. 

Saturday, February 22

Washable Sponges

I never know what to do with my left over terry cloth pieces when I make reusable paper towels.  I always end up with what looks like a heap of mascaraed hand towels and lint everywhere.  So I added washable sponges to my Etsy shop.  Check the Etsy Mini shop to the right.  Or click here

Thursday, February 20

Treasure hunt exposed!

I have been getting emails and questions about the props in some of my Etsy photos.  So here is a quick run down of what I got and where I got it from.  The treasure hunt exposed!

The bowl:  Its a heavy and gorgeous iron stone bowl.  I found it on Etsy and when it isn't being used as a prop I like to fill it with lemons and set it on the kitchen counter.  $28

The tray:  I picked this little silver plated tray up at a charity shop.  It was originally for my mermaid tea party but has found its place next to my bed collecting bits and baubles. I think I paid less than $2 for it. 

The pearls:  These came from a consignment shop where I had store credit so they were a win win.  Again for the mermaid party but I have since enjoyed wearing them, and occasionally restringing them. $7 but free on store credit.

The knobs - I won  these in an auction on ebay.  I think with shipping all three were less than $17.  Since we have repainted the bedroom a lovely grey they complement it very well, and thus get scattered about in there.

The bird:  I love birdy things.  I got this at one of those home decorating warehouse places.  I don't recall where but I'm sure I didn't pay more that $3 for it. 

The old window:  Such a cool story there.  My husband and I spent an afternoon poking around town together, a rarity I assure you.  We found it in a consignment shop with circa 1949 written on it. It was painted off white and peach, with paint on the krinkeld glass.  I wondered how they could be so specific about the date.  Turns out the house that it came from was destroyed when hurricane Sandy swept across Long Island, and the house was built in 1949.  We took it home and painstakingly removed paint from the glass detail, stripped the frame and repainted it.  Now it hangs in our bedroom, all sparkly when the sun shines on it. $32 and lots of time.

The keys:  I found these at my mother in laws when my sister and law and I were helping her clean out an old bedroom.  There were four together but one of them belonged to a piece of furniture they still had.  Now I have the three orphaned ones in photographs.  Free.

So there it is the treasure hunt of props.  Many of them were from the mermaid tea party, some are just random things from around the house, some just straight up cheap junk!

Tuesday, February 18

Ice ice baby!

Well, we made it through a huge ( for the south ) ice storm last week.  I don't know what the final count was but we had about an inch of ice on everything in the backyard. We were very blessed that our power was only out for about 2 minutes when parts of the county went days without electricity.  A large tree limb came down in the backyard and missed damaging everything except for a hole in the deck stairs and knocking down a bird feeder.  So today, four days later, the sun is shining, the birds are rebuilding their nests in the front yard and I'm still cleaning up.  How exciting.

Saturday, February 15

Radioactive Red

You may recall quite some time ago I found this sugar and cream set while out pillaging (bargain hunting) the country side (Market Street) with my mum (Mom).  I blogged about it, I was infatuated with the color, the vintage-ness, and the just stunning saturation of the color but completely lost as to who had made them.  Finally found it!

It is radioactive red from the Riviera line designed my the group that started Fiestaware...

Thursday, February 13

Apple Danish with Lemon and Lavender

My sister in law has introduced me to culinary lavender.  She gave me some from a lavender field in Delaware near where she lives.  I have put it on ice cream, added it to chicken dishes, made scones but I think my favorite is adding it to this apple danish.   Typically I will measure most ingredients in a recipe but not always.  I will zest one lemon and it is what it is, I don't bother measuring out a tablespoon.  Sometimes I peel the apples, sometimes I don't.  As for the lavender I just sprinkle a little on top before I close up the pastry.  The addition is very subtle but it enhances the overall flavor without over powering the harmony between the apples and lemon.  Using lavender is honestly worth a try.   

Friday, January 24

Etsy Shop - take.... I duno three or four?

I am easily consumed by anything involving fabric.  Shopping for it, using it, stashing it, organizing it, did I mention shopping for it?  Finding the time to create can be a daunting task, there is the mess to contend with and the need for space to really make the project enjoyable.  Then I'm left with what to do when the finished product.   Some are given as gifts, others I use myself, and when I have the time I like to turn to Etsy.  So here is the Etsy shop, yet again. I have decided that instead blogging every time I relaunch, adding a fancy shop feed to the blog will be better. (see right side of your screen).  The goal is to fill the shop with practical, useful items created with a little whimsy and a lot of love.


Zipper bags to bring a little fun organization to your purse, desk or vanity.

Aprons with niffty snappy pockets to help while cleaning,  procurement at yard sales, or vending at a craft show.

Cupcake greeting cards, appliqued in delicious pastel prints.

Perfect for tea parties or hostess gifts, cocktail napkins with a shabby vintage feel.

Thursday, January 16

Pot Stickers

Pot stickers, chinese dumplings...whatever.  Pork stuffed goodness stuffed in a wrapper and fried till crispy.....yes please.  I found the recipie here and followed it closely with the exception of ~1/4 a teaspoon of fresh ground ginger.

After mushing up all the meat. I let it sit in the fridge for about two hours, then filled wonton wrappers.

Fold diagonally, seal the edges and bring the corners up to the middle.

I continued to follow the recipe while keeping them warm in the oven.  Served with sauteed carrots.