Monday, February 25

Must Have Monday

Ed Hardy with birdies, and they are yellow too!  How adorable.  Find them here at Designer Imports.

Image Credit, Designer Imports

Friday, February 22

Apricot Cranberry Scones with Toasted Almonds

Apricot Cranberry Scones with Toasted Almonds

Scones!  What tea party would be complete without tasty scones?  My girlfriend Carey gave me the original recipe and I made a few substitutions to accommodate what I had in the fridge.  


1/2 cup lightly toasted sliced almonds (originally walnuts)
4 cups flour
2/3 cup sugar
2 Tablespoons baking powder
1 teaspoon salt
3/4 cup cold unsalted butter cut into small pieces
2 1/2 cup heavy whipping cream
2 cups dried cranberries (I had dried apricots that needed used up so I did half/half with the cranberries )
1/2 cup coarse sugar - for sprinkling on top

425 oven

-combine dry ingredients in bowl
-cut in butter
-add half the whipping cream and lightly stir, add the remaining and stir until just combined
- Carey says: all of this can be done in the food processor or by hand
-place dough on lightly floured surface and gently knead in cranberries and nuts
-form dough into rectangle 3/4 thick (Carey says: I think i have also done it in a circle)                       -cut into 6 squares and then cut each square in half (Carey says: sometimes I cut in half again to have baby scones)
-top each with coarse sugar
-Carey says: (the recipe has you put these straight into the oven but i normally stick them in the freezer for about 15 - 30 min first)
-place on baking sheet ( Carey says: i use a silpat or parchment paper)
-bake about 20 min or until golden brown

Tip:  Dusting a little flour on the cranberries and apricots kept them from sticking to each other and made them easier to distribute into the dough.  

Monday, February 18

Must Have Monday

So sweet, birds on a wire.  Handmade hair pin, find it here at Etsy shop Vintage by Rachel. Delightful

Image Credit, Vintage By Rachel

Thursday, February 14

One Last Bang!

I have been deciding what to do with the Etsy shop.  Summing up advice left on my blog - once its no longer fun stop.  I wouldn't say that its no longer fun I am just in a place where I have to let something go.  I work a full time demanding job and have a family.  I would much rather focus on my blog as an extracurricular. With that said, the etsy shop will have one lasts bang.  I will keep everyone updated through the blog.   My intention is to finish a few reusable paper towels that I have cut.  Then I will sell those and a few other goodies in the shop.  When its gone, its gone!

I appreciate everyone's compassion and understanding.

Monday, February 11

Must Have Monday

Red lacy pumps, just in time for valentines day. *wink wink*  Find them here at Neiman Marcus.
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Monday, February 4

Must Have Monday

What a fun idea, its always a sunny day even when its raining.  Find it here at Luggage Point.

Image Credit, Luggage Point